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When I was going through some of the sites regarding CSS and Background Images, I got to look into this site, its really! really! really! useful in our daily life while developing a web page. The Exceptional Performance Team from Yahoo Developer Network has identified number of best practices for making web pages faster by following some tricks, which includes 34 best practices and which are divided into 7 categories to have a better understanding on all the respective areas.

These 7 Categories includes about content, server, cookie, css, javascript, images, mobile. And in each category it includes some lists, to understand these tricks in brief they made it very simpler.

Some of the best practices includes like: Need to reduce the number of DOM elements, No 404 Pages, Split components Across Domains, Preload components, Avoid CSS Expressions, Putting Style Sheets on the top, putting all JavaScript and Respective Scripts at the Bottom, Make JavaScript and CSS External… etc.,

If you want to know more information on this, then need to visit this link . From this link I gone though one awesome website that is , I think most of the people might know about this is very good site to learn all the respective tricks to develop good and standard compliance web pages.

I would like to recommend to have a look and even if possible just go through it througly to get used of it since this will help us a lot in the long way run in speeding up your web site.

Hope this article may help us in all our aspects.

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