System Error: -1072896658 in IE

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When I am running my Ajax web application, the application is rendering properly in Mozilla Firefox but when I run the same application in IE (Internet Explorer) it is giving an system error message (like System Error: -1072896658 ). I am bit worried about the code which I have written, it works very fine in one folder of my server (works fine in both the browsers that is Mozilla and IE) and when I move the same application to the other folder and when I run the same it is raising an system error, I was weired and could not understand about the error type which that is raising in IE.

When I debug the same by keeping JavaScript alerts() into my Ajax code, I found that at this line I am getting an error – document.getElementById(‘outputDiv’).innerHTML = httpRequest.responseText;

I have searched so many websites and forums for this system error. I tried googling the same like this "System Error: -1072896658 in Ajax ", I got lot bunch of answers. Actually this error has raised because of "Encoding", through Ajax I am calling other language page (like French, Japan languages) into my page in order to show case the same on to my web page but I could not.

I have got several answers after googling the same:

1. I’m new to ajax, and i try to make a simpe test but i alwas got the system error -1072896748 when i’m calling a page use sing the GET method like :‘GET’, ‘script.php?action=test’);

You can follow the link to find the answer –

2. system error -1072896748 ->

3. AJAX, wat is het, hoe werkt het en waarom zou ik het (niet) gebruiken? (Dutch Language):

I think, by looking at the above – you might resolve this error "System Error: -1072896658" which is poping up in "IE (Internet Explorer)" only.

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[...] System Error: -1072896658 in IE 2. Snippet Code for Simple Ajax Tabs with cool CSS Styles 3. Using XMLHttpRequest, reading XML data [...]


Recently I do got this error in IE, Really IE is loosing this power after getting so many browsers in the market. Really I struggled a lot for this error, I searched the same and got to see your article, its really helped me a lot in solving that issue, thanks Vivek

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