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This is in addition to my article "Download Google Chrome Browser, its awesome ", Just few hours back Google has launched an awesome enough browser to the World of Web. I would like to say that this browser is going to compete other browsers in the World of Web. I have downloaded the same from this location – -and checked some features of this browser, I can say it has got many good new features that cannot be seen in other browsers like Firefox3, Microsoft Internet Explorer and other browsers.

My favorite all time feature is "Task Manager ", "JavaScript Debugger " this is what I am looking for in the other browsers. In one of the blog, I have noticed a good article related to "Tabs" in a browser, the title of the article is "Does tab features in browser helps the developer? ", I think the article which has posted might be a developer, here in this article he has explained his handson experience about the "Tabs" when debugging a code or while writing a code in any language. His concern is, "when I am testing my code in tabbed browsers if at all that code has got any errors and or problem might occur during running the code, or if any loop is running continuously (infinite loop) in order to overcome the issue we need to close entire browser window no matter how many tabs you have opened, using Windows Task Manager if developer is using Windows Operating System ". Here in this Google "Chrome" browser, we are not having any problem, we can overcome the above problem as here they have introduced "Task Manager" feature, its awesome right? Yeah! its really awesome.

1. Task Manager (Shift+Esc): Crash Control

Below is the screen shot of this awesome feature, Task Manager (Shift+Esc) :

Chrome Task Manager

From the above feature, you can easily stop/End process of the Tabs which you have opened, I think this feature help developer a lot in debugging and running the code successfully without disturbing other tabs which are opened. Not only that you can view the memory of how much each tab is taking and the CPU effort has well. And more interestingly, if you click on "Stats for nerds" it will show consolidated stats of the same, this is really awesome and unique feature I have ever seen before.

2. New incognito Window (Ctrl+Shift+N):

Here "incognito" means without revealing one’s identity. This is a new feature which we will not see much handy in any other browsers. The websites which you see in this window will not appear in history that is website links or other instances like cookies won’t appear in your browser history or search history. This feature will not affect the behavior of other people, servers, or software. If you would like to know more info about this feature, then just press Ctrl+Shift+N on your keyword :)

incognito window in chrome

3. Gather Multiple tabs into one window:

As we all know Google takes more care about the users usability, they have introduced one awesome features like you can drag out the tabs to create a new window, and you can gather multiple tabs into one window and can arrange them as you need depending on your priority.

Gather Multiple tabs into one window

4. Safe Browsing:

Google automatically warns you if you are about to visit any malware or any other unsafe websites. Check out this feature, this is not new but good enough feature we can say. This feature will warns you by flashing an alert message like "Error Messages and Alerts: ‘This is probably not the site you are looking for!’ ".

5. Instant Bookmarking:

As we know bookmarking places a vital role in storing your favorite website address, and I would like to give one suggestion to Google that, right now bookmarks are stored locally (In the system’s memory) this feature only will be seen in this system only, if a user bookmarks any favorite website, it should open up a window of GMail or so asking for username and password and can save the same bookmark online. If you guy’s introduce this feature, it will helps developers and users a lot in saving some time. I think you might be introducing this in next coming releasing.

Instant Bookmarking

6. Import Bookmarks and Settings:

You can import your bookmarks from your other browsers very easily like from Internet Explorer or Mozilla etc., not only importing bookmarks, we can also import Browsing history, Saved passwords and even Search engines. You can import all these in a single click…..

Import Bookmarks and Settings


Again I can this very awesome enough, when you want to download a file / zip file / lets say if you want to save an image from a web page, it will show up an download icon towards your chrome browsers left bottom and towards your right you can see a link called "Show all downloads…" and when we click on this link it will open a new tab with all the respective downloads which you have downloaded. If you want to view the destination of the file then in download tab window click on "Show in folder" it will take you to the destination folder.


8. Create application shortcuts…

You can create a shortcut of your favorite website page and can save the same to your Desktop / Start Menu / Quick Launch Bar for your future reference, I think this is a new feature which Google has introduced, when we click on the respective shortcut icon which you have saved it will open that application in a separate new window with awesome features… Amazing!

Create application shortcuts

9. Find option:

If you want to find any word in your respective webpage, press Ctrl+F then towards your top right corner one find text box will scrolls down and also this provides us to see the previous and next options which has been shown using up and down arrows.


10. Developer Options:

This feature is also awesome enough in Chrome, if a user / developer wants to debug or view his code he can do the same, when user want to view the source of a web page, can do the same by Ctrl+U and the source window has got line numbers as well, this is something new and which helps us in debugging as well. Google has introduced a nice feature of debugging the code like a "Firebug " addon in "Firefox ", this will help developers a lot especially for JavaScript developers.

Developer Options

I think, I have covered most of the awesome enough features which Google has introduced in New Chrome Browser, download the same at this location – and if you have any valuable feedback on the Google Chrome Browser let the Google Team know the same –

And if I have missed any new features, please do post a comment to this article.

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i’m willing to try it out just to see if it works more efficiently than FireFox… if it’s faster than Firefox and isn’t IE, then i’ll use it


Since Google Chrome documentation about debuging is still to come, I
just wrote a short article explaining how to use the different tools
“for developers” available in Google Chrome.

Please take a look at the artilcle (Pictures are self explanatory,
but text is in Spanish)

“Depurar Aplicaciones y P�ginas Web con Google Chrome”

I would be glad to add, edit or do changes as information arrives, so
feel free to give feedback.

Javier Ruiz


Great collection!

Firstly i say you are best in collection of new updated and innovative things and buzzing same for others too.

As of now Chrome seems it is having rocking features and so simple and cool.

Some of the things i found and can’t mention everything here :)

There is no disturbance to the eye with other distractions with other things like Toolbars, Add-ons etc…

Pop-up blocker options is awesome, you can see the same when you go to the site

If we click on a new tab in the particular site it is opening next to the same tab, but not to the last of all the tabs that already opened. This made user easy to compare the things there itself by clicking on the next tabs with out adjusting the tabs again.

Hope this seems to be giving tough competition for other major browsers like Firefox3, Microsoft Internet Explorer etc..and Google proved once again there creative and smartness in inventing the things.

I feel very cool and awesome with chrome. Articles you are publishing on this site are very useful.


Great post!

The developer features are mostly part of WebKit, and Chrome ships with a stripped down version of them. If you try a WebKit nightly build with Safari for Windows, you will see the same Inspector bug with more features and many bug fixes.


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Really these features are very good and very effective especially to the developer, and I would like to thank for the really awesome feature introducing, that is Task Manager, This really help developers a lot, cheers…. Rocking Article

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