Develop Google Chrome App using EXT JS and Google Data API

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As you guys know Google Chrome is rocking the web world with awesome enough features and with fast performance. Jamie Avins, has created one Google Chrome App using Ext and Google Data API, he has experimented on one small application to manage your google contacts which you can install. The respected example extends the which allow you to populate a store with your contact information to bind to any store like Grid, Combo Box etc.,

If you would like to see the demo, you can view the same at this location – Google Contacts Demo , once you click on the link, it will open up an application, and when you click on the "Login", which is towards your left – it will ask for your login information of your GMail account, after filling in your username and passwords it asks for approval about the application. If you grant access it will display all your GMail contact lists into the grid provided. Amazing application!

Great job! done by Jamie Avins, Jamie you really rocks!

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Awesome project. I’ve been looking for something like this. Do you plan on adding the ability to delete contacts from your list?


Hi Josh,

This project has not got deletion of the respective contact. If possible we can edit the contact by double clicking the respective contact list.


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