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As we all know that Ext JS is rocking all the way in the World of Web, today there was an article from Evan Trimboli regarding “Ext Flickr Image Gallery” and as we know is a popular image sharing tool and do people daily share there images to their loved ones and it allow users to create online photo albums and the ability to categorize and tag photos.

The respective application will retrieve data from by extending Ext’s native data package to display an image gallery. This image gallery widget will support search ability as well we can search images based on how they are tagged inside .

Getting Started, firstly we need have an API key, the API key is sent with all requests and its used to identify the caller. Its a free of cost to get the API key, just follow this URL – and it will ask for yahoo’s authentication and proceed further to get your own API key. After getting your own API key then just do follow respective steps can be viewed at this URL – https://extjs.com/blog/2008/10/17/ext-flickr-image-gallery/ to built your own widget.

Live Demo:
If you would like to see the demo, then below is the link for the same its awesome! really awesome enough… https://extjs.com/playpen/flickr/flickr.html

Ext JS Flickr Image Gallery Widget

This widget can be placed on your websites or on your rocking blogs.

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