Firebug Lite extension for IE, Opera, Safari Browsers

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As we all know that firebug is a great add-on for Firefox, this is available in all the respective versions and even it supports all the versions of Firefox. It has got awesome features, I would like to the firebug team that most of the developers who works on User Interface has installed firebug on their respective computers. Developers and Users can use this add-on very easily and its very handy too.

If you want to debug the same in IE or Opera or Safari browsers then you have to go for Firebug Lite. Firebug Lite is a JavaScript file can be inserted into your pages to stimulate some firebug features in browsers. Firebug Lite creates the variables “firebug” and “pi” and doesn’t affect or interfere with HTML elements that aren’t created by itself.

By looking at this you might be having a query like how to install the same in-order to utilize the features, below code depicts on how to install.

Firebug Lite for IE, Opera, Safari browsers

Installing Firebug Lite:
Just insert below line of code into any page that you want to contain Firebug Lite


If you want to use Firebug Lite offline, then just download the source files from here and import the respective files into your site’s directory. Find “firebug-lite.css” URL on the javascript file which you imported and replace this with offline address of firebug-lite.css file.


And if you want to write messages to console you can do the same, eagerly want to know more about this add-on to IE, Opera and Safari, then please do have a look at this page and download the respective files and have a safe debug.

I would like to recommend this extension, since this going to help developers a lot in debugging their pages accordingly before delivering the same to respective clients.

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This is really good add-on for IE lovers, since I do lot of projects and will check in browsers, I can now be able to debug the code where I went wrong in firefox browser, if I want to check the same in IE and other browsers like opera, safari etc. I used to do this manually. I can say this is going to help me a lot. Thanks Vivek for taking time to share this good article for all the respective developers and users.


Thanks, is really good,
in opera you can set it as UserJAvaScript wich will include it automátically in every web…
though it can be sometimes bothering, but…


btw, it works, and looks better than firebug ;)


amm, sorry for spamming,
but, besides the fact that yout post is very intresting, i would like to also comment, that opera has a usefull tool called Developers Tools under Tools->Advanced
wich has some similar features. opera users might want to give it a look

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