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Internet technology has undergone a dramatic change since the day of its launch. The kind of growth that the internet has enjoyed in the last decade is incredible. Especially an internet technology like the cloud computing is an awesome one. On-demand services have become the most favorite service of the next generation. While internet technologies like the Software as a service (SaaS) and Platform as a service (PaaS) gained true momentum, widgets of the internet too have been in vogue enticing and helping both visitors and website owners to achieve their goals. This article will enlighten you on the importance of these wonder working web tools.

Knowledge on demand has become the ultimate purpose of many websites. Widgets are nothing but mini-applications, which provide effective solutions to visitors’ needs. Widgets of modern times play a crucial role in making the website a magical stage where you get instant answers for your queries. Apart from making a website interesting and interactive one, they provide instant information on news, entertainment, weather, calculations, and many more.

As today’s web visitors expect more and more from websites, and widgets have become an absolute necessity in order to retain the visitors for a longer period or entice more visitors to your site. If you really want a high traffic to your site, just place a few gadgets that are of great interest to your visitors. Of late, widgets have started attracting web visitors of all ages, and it has been proved that useful and simple widgets increase the traffic of websites in multi-folds. One other specialty of widgets is that users can get easy access to information available on the internet without visiting specific websites. YouTube videos, movie trailers, photo slideshows, news widgets are some of the popular widgets for blog sites and websites. Desktop widgets on the other hand can be downloaded and used to access information without having to visit the website. Some of the good examples include the weather gadget offered on websites that forecast weather, new feeds, maps, pictures, videos, and music.

It is a good idea for website promotion too! Do you know that widgets are great marketing tools in the arena of internet marketing? Well, here are a few points on the marketing capability of the widgets. Instead of placing banner ads, website owners can opt for a useful widget that bears the name of the company on it. As it is an interactive tool that provides a service, you are likely to draw more targeted traffic than your banner ads can bring in. Moreover, allowing users to share the widget gets you more inbound links that is a great plus when it comes to search engine optimization for higher page ranking.

Using widgets on you blog could enhance the looks and usability of your blog site. Apart from providing the blog with great looks, it can draw the attention of the visitors to a large extent. For example, blog widgets like or Plurk on your site will enable your visitors to know what you do, or even help them subscribe to your blog or follow it.

In order to help developers in learning more about the widgets, there are number of dedicated websites that provide useful information on widgets. These websites explain in detail about the widget and its uses. One good example is developersnippets.com. You can find a good number of snippet articles that are from basic to high-level. This site helps young developers wishing to have fruitful career in developing innovative web products.


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