Mechanism of testing Ext JS Applications with Selenium

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Selenium provides a mechanism to test Ext JS applications, Selenium works by executing tests against your running application within the browser of your choice. Darrell Meyer from Ext JS has written a detailed brief description about the tool in the respective blog titled “Testing Ext JS & Ext GWT Applications With Selenium“. He explained about how we can create Selenium tests and execute them in a variety of ways. The respective article demonstrates on creating tests with Selenium IDE, a Firefox plugin, and creating tests within Java. Tests will be loaded and executed within the Selenium IDE, and Java JUnit tests will be executed using Selenium Remote Control.

If you would like to know more about Selenium, then please do visit ExtJS for brief description on how we are going to test our own Ext JS applications.

Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE

For reference of respective test lists please do click here

Installation of Selenium IDE:
If you want to install the same then please do download ) the same and while installing follow the steps carefully.

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I just wrote an article on how we’ve been testing an ExtJS GUI in Java at:

Primarily, it describes how we got around having to assign hand-crafted IDs to all the Ext components and how we synchronise the tests with AJAX.

hope it helps somebody,

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