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I think it was a great day for the people who were expecting Google to introduce Video and Voice Chat in . But most of the reviews says that there was a bandwidth problem in streaming the respective LIVE video. And would like to say that it is a good thing, right from our browser we can have a Video chat directly and even Voice chat too, but bit concern about the video quality I mean video streaming – how about those people who have low bandwidth?

Just I had a quick glance on all the comments from various websites and blogs about the new feature introduced in . Most of the members say that there was a streaming problem and was taking lot of bandwidth to render in the respective browsers. Even I faced the same problem when I was doing my first Video and Voice chat in yesterday.

Yesterday I checked one of the famous blog named “Read Write Web” and the article which Frederic Lardinois has posted – Google Launches Video and Voice Chat for Gmail and checked the comments on this post. Some of the users has mentioned which I have stated above “Bandwidth Problem”.

And I guess, Google might be working on these things, and I would like to inform Google that this feature is amazing and I guess Google is the only one who has introduced this facility in mailing.

If you would like to install the same, just go to this and help yourself.

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