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Hope you guys remember, few days back I sent an invitation to everybody to attend “The Grand Unveil Seminar of Adobe CS4” which has been organized at ITC Kakatiya (Hyderabad), frankly I would like to say this was really awesome enough, Adobe really makes life’s easier. Yesterday I woke up at 6:00am and was waiting for the time to run faster as “Adobe Seminar” is going to begin. It was 9:00 am when I started in my car and had a drive all the way to “Grand Unveil Adobe Seminar” while! on the way I picked up some of my friends and we were at ITC Kakatiya sharply at 9:30 am (I am lucky that Seminar hall is not far away from my house).

Registration Time:
After reaching the respective hall in ITC, as I was already a registered user for this seminar the beautiful ladies near the respective registration counter, were given me a Adobe Hand Voucher, which has got all the respective schedules like Agenda and Who were the respective partners for hosting this seminar. As some of my friends were new to this session (I mean not registered user) then they have filled up a form out there and registered themselves for this seminar. This Registration process went for an hour that is from 9:00 to 10:00 am, then after 15 mins the actual seminar has been started.

You can view exclusive photographs from “Developer Snippets” which were taken in the session, the credit goes to one of my friend Sunil Akula, he has taken many photographs in the seminar, and they are awesome enough and rocking as well :) , I can say this was a tour which I was experienced in Adobe Seminar. Please do have a look and let me know the feedback.

 Agenda given at Seminar

Myself at Seminar


The Seminar has started with a huge round of applause, as this is the launch of Adobe CS4 at Hyderabad. Then after that the actual seminar has started, really I would like to say the seminar was awesome enough and very interactive, impressive etc., On the whole I would like to say Wowwwww….

Adobe Bridge:
The Seminar has been started with Adobe Bridge, the respective speaker has given a brief introduction on what new features has been added in Adobe Bridge, and why people (I mean here Developers and Designers) are using Adobe Bridge extensively. And he has beautifully presented the respective features on fly I mean by doing and showing as practically on his awesome APPLE “MAC” laptop, Amazing session I would like to say, since in Adobe Bridge now Adobe introduced a facility by which we can directly upload the respective file to online web, here I mean we can connect to FTP server directly from Adobe Bridge, and has got more features like Improved performance, Refined work environment, one-key full-screen previews, Quick Search, Review mode, Built-in creation of web galleries, List View (This is awesome feature), Thumbnail grid lock, 3D file format previews, Auto collection of HDR and panorama images, Additional filters, Enhanced XMP support.

All the respective Designers, Developers and Audience

Banners at Seminar Hall

Banners at Seminar Hall

People at Seminar

After Adobe Bridge session, we had a brand new session on “NVIDIA“, NVIDIA is the Most Demanded Multi-GPU Platform (Here GPU is “Graphics Processing Unit”, would you like to know more about this then have a glance here), Frankly speaking I have no idea on this GPU since I am very much new to this. In this “NVIDIA” session, one of the speakers has shown up a video, this is the video which has been taken in the session of NVIDIA (at US), the video was amazing, the video captured all the respective features and what’s new about NVIDIA.

 Speaker at Seminar

Nice good view of the seminar hall

Give me a Break

Give me a Break

And after NVIDIA session, we had a session on NDTV NX Paint, and frankly speaking I have no idea on this tool as I am only a simple and good web designer and senior web developer. NX Paint has been developed in NDTVlabs and this is an Instant Graphics and Video Delivery Tool. If you would like to know more about this yeah you can swift here.

Give me a Break

And after that we had a session on, Adobe After Effects, What can I say about this friends, this is simply awesome enough. Now video editing made very easy, there were many features which has been introduced in Adobe After Effects, some of the things which I have noted are Searchable timelines, nested comp navigation, Compositions exported as layered projects, Integrated workflow for mobile device authoring, Dynamic link between Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Soundbooth, Keyframing of x, y, z values, Cartoon effect, XMP metadata, versatile 3D cameras for each composition, Multiple 3D lights with shadows and many more new features, later if time permits will prepare an article for all the respective tools of Adobe CS4.

After this there was a session on Adobe Soundbooth CS4, I would like list down some few new features which I remember – Multi track support, Volume matching, Beat Detection, New Adobe Sound Document .ADND, XMP metadata collection etc.,

After this session, there was a session on Adobe InDesign CS4, this was an interactive session, and here in this session the respective speaker has explained and showcased about the new features that has been introduced like, Smart Tools, Choose Edit App, Proportional Place, Live Preflight, Custom Views and Workspaces, Kuler panel, SWF export etc.,

Lunch break for a while, people had a great lunch at ITC Hyderabad near the seminar hall.

After this session, we had an very interactive session on one of my favorite, Adobe Photoshop CS4, since in my daily life mostly every moment at work I used to use this, and I was eagerly waiting for this session, here in this lots of tons of new features has been introduced, like firstly I would like to say about the UI of the Adobe Photoshop CS4 has been changed, Adjustment Panel, Masks Panel, Canvas Rotation, Smoother panning and zooming, Better raw processing in Camera Raw, 3D Acceleration, Comprehensive 3D tools, Masking Layers etc., and lots more in this session.

There was a session on Adobe Flash CS4, the UI was entirely changed like the respective timelines and layers has been moved from top to bottom like Adobe After Effects, there are top new features which were showcased like Object-based animation model (Shown the example of bouncing ball with a path), 3D transformations, Motion Editor Panel, Motion Presets Panel, XFL support, Metadata support etc which I remember.

There was an interactive questionnaire’s which were asked by the people around and got good response in the form of answers from the speakers, and I would like to thank them a lot, for there enthuse in answering them.

After this interactive session on Adobe Photoshop CS4, there was an another interactive session on Adobe Fireworks, I would like to say frankly that in my daily life I have not used Adobe Fireworks because I used to think that Fireworks does not work for me, but guys I would like to say that its awesome, after listening to this session, I really thought to have a look at it once sine it has got many awesome enough features like Improved performance, New User Interface, CSS based layouts, PDF Export (This is something awesome) for we had an awesome example which was shown in the session, Live Styles, Workspace Improvements.

Last but not the least, the Adobe Dreamweaver Session was awesome enough, everything is ready made, just drag and drop your job is done in seconds, frankly speaking for creating an AJAX based website it will take 2 to 3days of time effort, but now it will takes only seconds if you got to used to it. I would like to say, like there was one new feature called “Live View” this is awesome instead of viewing the respective output in your browsers you can preview it then and there itself through this “Live View”, and Dreamweaver has got many features like CSS best practices, HTML data sets, Adobe Photoshop Smart Objects, Code hinting for Ajax and JavaScript frameworks etc.,

 After Session, Myself with Adobe Expert

 After Session, Myself with Adobe Expert

This was my experience at Adobe CS4 Seminar which was organized at ITC Kakatiya, Hyderabad. I am going to try it out the brand new Adobe CS4, that�s for sure and how about you guys!

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Hey Vivek you are back with a rocking article which will be more and helpful in getting much much awareness for every one with type of articles.

Adobe thinks they are “Shortcut to Brilliant” but we guys feel about you is you are “Shortcut to Good things” which leads us to brilliant things. :)

Cheers you just rock on (not the film) :P


Hello Vivek and Sunil,

Many thanks for the article and the photos. It is going to organize in Ahmedabad on 28th january 2009. If anyone wants to Join please check.


every one knows about limited seats so …..

Ritesh Newal
Gateway Technolabs, Ahmedabad


Hi Vivek,

Thanks a bunch for the elaborated experience sharing :) . Since we have this event coming up in Ahmedabad, I was eagerly looking for someone to have shared his experience of attending the same in some other city… And there you are.. ur elaboration has further fueled us to attend the same.




Thanks to sharing you wonderful experience, it looks very interesting. I will also participate the seminar with Ritesh, Parag and Dilip in Ahmadabad.

Gateway Technolabs, Ahmedabad

Srikanth sutari

Srikanth sutari


Hi Srikanth,

Thanks for your comment here, session in Hyderabad has been completed last week it self.


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