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All Ext GWT users here is a good news, now Ext GWT 1.2 has been released (means the Ext GWT 1.1 has been upgraded with new features and released as 1.2), Yesterday that is on Dec 1, Darell has officially announced the release of Ext GWT 1.2, and explained about the new features in the blog. And he has recommended all the respective users of Ext GWT 1.1 users to upgrade the same to the latest version that is Ext GWT 1.2 now!

These new features includes:
Drag and Drop:
In this version of Ext GWT 1.2 it has got a new Drag and Drop (DND) framework. Respective Support is added via the DragSource and DroptTarget classes with specialized subclasses for Grid, Trees, and Lists. The DND code exposes a rich event model to allow precise control of your DND operations.

Form Data Binding:
With the new data binding framework, your model can be “bound” to forms and fields. The relationship is bi-directional with updates propagating in both directions.

File Upload
This version introduces a few new fields including the FileUploadField which allows files to be uploaded to the server via standard HTML form submissions.


Ext GWT 1.2

Ext GWT 1.2

For Notable new examples are added to the demo applications and which includes Grid to Grid DND, Reordering Tree, Image Organizer, Grid Binding, DualListField and more examples in action

To download respective Ext GWT 1.2 please visit the Ext GWT download page. And for the release notes you can click here.

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