Web Developers: Ready to use JavaScript Sliders for your web projects

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This post is useful for web developers / other developers who would like to use JavaScript Sliders in their respective web projects. The sliders which are depicted below can be customized accordingly depending on the requirement. Mostly, these are customizable using CSS, I mean on how you want to present the same in your web project.

Mostly jQuery, ExtJS, Mootools, YUI are used in these examples. Choose your choice of Slider and implement it in your project accordingly. I would like to suggest that those who have good hands on knowledge on the above mentioned frameworks / APIs can handle it very easily. Even the respective list will also help beginners who wanted to know on how these sliders are worked and how can it be customized accordingly.

Ext Slider – ExtJS

Website: extjs.com
Preview: click here

Ext Slider

Developing an accessible slider

WebSite: filamentgroup.com
Preview: Click here
Description: This slider is made up of non-semantic markup that is divs and spans, requires advanced CSS for positioning, for background images and JavaScript to work properly. If you would like to know more about the same, then click here

Accessible Slider

Yahoo! UI Library: Slider

Website: developer.yahoo.com
Preview: Example Sliders

The Slider component is a UI control that enables the user to adjust values in a finite range along one or two axes. Typically, the Slider control is used in a web application as a rich, visual replacement for an input box that takes a number as input. The Slider control can also easily accommodate a second dimension, providing x,y output for a selection point chosen from a rectangular region.

Click here to know more about this Slider.

Slider Control examples includes Basic Vertical Slider, Horizontal Slider with Tick Marks, RBG Slider Control, Bottom to top Vertical Slider, Horizontal Slider with two thumbs, Dual-thumb Slider with range highlight

Horizontal Slider with Tick Marks

DHTML Widget : Inline Range Slider

Website: hedgerwow.com

DHTML Widget: Slider

DHTML Slider

Website: DHTML Slider
Description: It’s designed with a combination of (X)HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript. Read More…

DHTML Slider

UI/Slider – jQuery

Website: docs.jquery.com

The jQuery UI Slider plugin makes selected elements into sliders. There are various options such as multiple handles, and ranges. The handle can be moved with the mouse or the arrow keys.

jQuery Slider

Banner slider – Mootools 1.2

Website: php-help.ro

Mootools Image Slider

Hope this article to improve your skills in JavaScript and on latest JavaScript API’s. Please let me know your feedback on the collection and please do post if you come across more widgets like this :)

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Web Developers: Ready to use JavaScript Sliders for your web projects

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Useful javascript resource – good one


i want to rotate divs with same slider. Anybody help me???

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