How to: build your first dynamic website

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I would like to say Adobe is a good resource for learning web designing and web developing. When I was surfing through all respective websites, I paused myself at one place that is at Site, ‘A place for everything’.

There was a nice post on Dreamweaver Developer Center about “Building your first dynamic website – Part 1: Setting up your site and database connection” an article from

Building your first dynamic website – Part 1: Setting up your site and database connection

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Review your task
  3. Compare static v. dynamic sites
  4. Set up your PHP development environment
  5. Define a PHP site
  6. Set up a MySQL database and user account

Just follow this article, this is only the Part1 in a three-part series, more to come in Part2 and Part3.

My Comments about this Article: Awesome, I have learnt a lot by going through this site. I would like to say only this ‘A place for everything’.

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This helps me a lot and it has got brief explanation about the same, thanks for sharing this… :)

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Great tutorial, although a wee bit hard to follow at points, it�s a clear and thoughtful tutorial. Keep it up.

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Ayanna Rabuse

Dreamweaver has been my personal goto software for years. I really don’t know what I would undoubtedly do without having it. There were occasions when I initially began using the program, and I believed it was way too complicated. Now I fly around it, and it has grown to be a strong asset in my tool box. At any rate many thanks for the content.

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