Stunning examples using Ext Core for your Web Projects

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This valuable article helps you in implementing interactive Web Application / Web Portal. This includes Manual, Carousel, Lightbox, Menu, JSONP and Simple Tabs.

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I would like to thank Ext Core Team members for introducing awesome Ext JS to this Web World. Since, it is giving life to each and every developer in this Web World and it is a nice environment to learn some good things in Life. Thanks a lot friends…..

Ext Core 3.0 Beta Released

There was a good blog post by Tommy on 04 April 2009, regarding Ext Core 3.0 Beta Release, the Ext Team has announced the launch of Ext Core 3.0 to the World of Web. You can download the same from this link –

Ext Core provides a cross-browser consistent API for performing the most common tasks in JavaScript development for web pages.

This Ext Core provides cross-browser abstractions for DOM manipulation and traversal, CSS management, Event handling, Dimensions and Sizing, AJAX and JSON Support and Animations. And even this includes most used popular utilities from Ext JS like Classical Inheritance Class System, Observable Class, Markup generation and Templating, Timed code execution, URL encoding and decoding.

Examples using Ext Core

As I have stated above, Ext Team has showcased some of useful and awesome interactive examples which can be used in your Web Pages very extensively. These includes Manual, Carousel, Lightbox, Menu, JSONP and Simple Tabs.


Ext Core: Manual


Ext Core: Carousel


Ext Core: Lightbox


Ext Core: Menu


Ext Core: JSNOP

Simple Tabs

Ext Core: Simple Tabs

Once again, I would like to thank Ext Team for this effort… You guys! Rocks! Cheers!

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Thank you for the appreciation and compliments. I tried to create some of the most used extensions on the web, and will devote more time improving them. I also have a nice list of additional examples for the final and future releases. If there are any features or examples you think you’d like to see, please feel free to request them in the Ext Forums or by sending me an email.


Hi Tommy,

Thanks for your valuable comment and your post has helped me a lot. I do have some innovative ideas which I want to develop, will draft you a mail on this Tommy.



Very nice!! I am so happy I can use a lightbox that is so cleanly written. I can understand the code – its lovely. Tommy and Ext have done a fantastic job! A++

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