Data Access Handbook provides solutions to applications run faster and stronger

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Data Access Handbook, is unique it focuses on the middleware which gets embedded into applications, allowing the application to retrieve data from a database more quickly. Middleware accounts for 75-95% of processing data request time and thus many of the delays associated with complex systems. Highlighting issues that affect the middleware such as poorly designed data access architecture, ineffective data access source code, and inadequately tuned database drivers, The Data Access Handbook provides solutions that will make applications run significantly faster and stronger.

Data Access HandBook

Data Access HandBook

HandBook Informative Chapters:

This HandBook provides informative chapters dedicated to coding with standards based APIs such as ODBC, JDBC or ADO.NET.


Rob Steward and John Goodson wrote The Data Access Handbook, Additionally the authors explain how these standards based APIs can be manipulated to boost performance. Rob and John don’t downplay the importance of tuning the database either, as there are tips on tuning and suggestions for configuration options (both the database and middleware) and more.

Examples and case studies:

Examples and case studies are also presented throughout the book that will help predict, diagnose, and solve application performance issues. Major issues addressed include:

  • Understanding the different components of middleware that impact performance
  • Designing for optimal performance and reduce network traffic
  • Developing a good benchmark
  • Troubleshooting performance issues
  • Setting realistic performance expectations

Community Site:

The Data Access Handbook Community

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