What exactly Google Squared is all about?

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Google Rocks these days, inventing new free-ware tools and introducing new features in it, like Google Waves [What exactly Google Wave is all about?], which we have seen earlier. This going to be a big hit in the World of Web in coming days. And now! There is another one named ,Hmm… What is Google Squared?

What is Google Squared?

Google Squared is a search tool that helps us to build a quick collection of facts from the entire Web for any topic which we specify. For example: If you want to know more about India, what is the population of the same and how many states are there in India can be seen in respective rows and columns provided. When I search for the same, that is I searched for “India” and clicked on “Square It” button, it has given me full amount of data related to India in respective Rows and Columns like it has given me 6 columns named “Item Name, Image, Description, Country, Population, District”, and if you want to add more columns you can select the same from the text box provided as “Add columns” and one more interesting thing here is you can save the squared information to your account if you are logged in.

If you want to know more about Google Squared and want to explore it you can follow this link –


Click on the below image which will take you to the video which briefs about Google Squared.

Google Squared

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