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BaseKit is a web-based design and hosting solution aimed for people who want to build designs on Photoshop and then turn them into functional websites without having to fiddle around with code – to let people focus on visual tastiness, rather than stress over CSS. In seconds you can automatically convert Photoshop design into standard-complaint HTML and CSS.


It has got various useful features which you may not see in other web-based design applications:

  1. Creating a website directly from Photoshop: Just come up with your web design in Photoshop and import that Photoshop file that is .psd file in the application and BaseKit will converts your design to standard-complaint HTML and CSS.
  2. Advanced Functionality: Using this application, you can just drag and drop inbuilt components like Form, Maps, Video and Social Networking Widgets into your web page and this writes your code for you and after that you can directly publish your code to make it live.
  3. Edit and Change the design in run-time: With BaseKit you can add pages, edit text and can change the design in run-time and it is fully hosted and template-driven.
  4. True WYSIWYG: As BaseKit is browser-based, you can design and develop pages on fly that is what you see is what you get – true WYSIWYG.

And as a Winning Step, BaseKit was selected as a Winner of Seedcamp 2008, out of a pool of some 400 European web technology companies. Cheers to BaseKit team, for coming up with such awesome web application. Now, just have fun while you are working on your web pages.

If you would like to know more about the tool, just check out their calendar for webinars here –

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