30 Amazing Remote Desktop Sharing and Screen Sharing Applications

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As everyone know Remote Desktop Sharing and Screen Sharing Applications makes life much easier to solve most of the issues in our day-to-day life. This is the best way of resolving most of development/designing issues rather than sticking up on phone and resolving. For marketing purpose this helps everyone a lot, if you want to showcase your products to clients its just a click away – select the options provided and share your respective screen to your valuable clients, it is a smart way to share data with others remotely quickly and easily. There are several ways were you can benefit from these types of tools/applications for example like: Remote Access - accessing your system remotely from work, school, library etc., Desktop Sharing – you can collaborate with your friends/clients/users easily by sharing your screen and you can resolve most of the designing/developing issues very easily by sharing your desktop.

Below listed are some of the amazing and fabulous Remote Desktop Sharing and Screen Sharing Applications for you, where you can enjoy your next ride…

Skype Screen sharing – Free

Skype Screen sharing: Share your desktop with friends – for free. As I have said above Sometimes trying to explain what you are seeing on your screen to someone on a call just doesn’t work. With screen sharing you can easily show exactly what you are looking at by simply calling your Skype contact and sharing all or part of your desktop. If you would like to know more information click here to take you to the actual information page.

Skype Screen Sharing

Adobe Acrobat – CONNECTNOW – Free

Adobe Acrobat – CONNECTNOW – allows you to share your desktop with others and here in this web application you can even have a conference chat while sharing your desktop. Its free, if you are new to Acrobat.com then just register yourself and login to your account and share your desktop very easily in minutes.

Adobe Acrobat

Yuuguu – Instant Web Conferencing, online meetings and collaboration – Free

Yuuguu: By this application you can reduce sales cycles and improve conversion rates, increase team communication and productivity. Click here to know more about Yuuguu.


Windows Live – Sync

Sync your files – Keep important files up to date on all your computers, PC or Mac.

Share your work – Use shared folders to sync files with friends or coworkers.

Access from anywhere – Sign in to the Sync website for remote access to any computer where you’ve installed Sync.


AT&T Connect

AT&T Connect – One of the most famous online sharing tool, AT&T Connect transforms voice, web and video conferencing from multiple point tools into one core
communication product.

AT&T Connect

Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx – One of the most awesome web application tool for sharing your desktop and it is also one of the best Web Conferencing and Collaboration Solutions tool. Most of the Multi National Companies use this tool for there online conference, it is easy and simple to connect and share your desktop – if you want you can record your conference for your future review.

Cisco WebEx

Cisco TelePresence Solutions

Cisco TelePresence Solutions powers the new way of working. With Cisco TelePresence Scheduling is very easy, Launching a meeting is as simple as making a phone call, In-room controls are intuitive – collaboration applications are plug and play, Participants can meet in many rooms at once-up to 48 locations in one meeting, Users can easily bring in collaboration applications like Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, Existing SD or HD videoconferencing systems can be easily integrated. I think you might be exited to know more, if yes! please click here for more.

Mikogo, Free screen sharing for people and businesses – Free

Mikogo is free screen sharing for people and businesses, it’s an easy-to-use cross-platform desktop sharing tool, ideal for web conferencing, online meetings or remote support. And it’s FREE for both commercial and private use. If you would like to know more about the same click here


TeamViewer – the All-In-One Solution for Remote Access and Support over the Internet – Free

TeamViewer – the All-In-One Solution for Remote Access and Support over the Internet, TeamViewer connects to any PC or server around the world within a few seconds. You can remote control your partner’s PC as if you were sitting right in front of it. Find out why more than 60 million users trust TeamViewer!


LogMeIn – Free

LogMeIn – LogMeIn features allow you to, Remote control your desktop, Transfer files between computers, Print remote files to your local printer. Share a large file without using email attachments, FTP, or a third-party site Share your desktop with another person.


ShowMyPC – Free

ShowMyPC – ShowMyPC provides Remote Support and Meeting services to all users. Services include free and premium Remote PC access, Desktop Sharing, Screen Sharing. The tools are community alternatives to WebEx and Gotomypc among others. It has got many features like Show your PC to Remote User v3050, View Remote User’s PC, Access My Home or Office PC, Broadcasting to Browsers and Phones, Mac OSX Desktop Sharing | Linux Viewer, Screen Recording, Online Presentations etc.,

Show My PC

SkyFex – Free

SkyFex – SkyFex Remote Assistant is online remote support service that allows watching and control remote computer in real time. This is a secure service which provides best remote support solution, does not require additional software installation and configuration and works transparently through proxy/firewall and NAT networks. SkyFex is Windows based service and requires Internet Explorer to run it. No special knowledge is necessary to work with the service. You can start using it immediately without preliminary training.

Features include: Remote Desktop Viewing, Security and Privacy, No Software Installation Required, Firewall/Proxy Transparent, High Performance and Easy to start by novice users


ScreenStream Screen Broadcasting Software – Free

ScreenStream Screen Broadcasting Software – Broadcast your screen for presentations and training sessions, Let others watch your screen from their own computer., Watch from over the internet or a network., A great modern equivalent of the overhead projector.

ScreenStream Screen Broadcasting Software


GoToMeeting – Easy Web Conferencing and online meeting tools, work with anyone, anywhere. GoToMeeting allows you to host an online meeting with up to 15 people – so you can do more and travel less. Using our Web conferencing tool you can share any application on your computer in real time. Attendees join meetings in seconds. Features includes Hold unlimited meetings for one flat fee, Collaborate with remote colleagues, Host and attend from either a Mac or PC, Save with integrated audio conferencing (via computer and telephone).

Now you can join a meeting from an iPad, it provides you the free application at the App Store to attend online meetings on the go.



GoToMyPC – Get Secure Remote Access with GoToMyPC, GoToMyPC is the fast, easy and secure way to access your Mac or PC from any Web browser in real time. Features include: Access files, programs, email, and network, Increase your flexibility and productivity, Work on your office computer from home, Travel and use your Mac or PC remotely.



Soonr – Your files are securely accessible even if the host computer is offline or turned off. Quickly view documents, pictures, and video on desktop, laptop, netbook, or mobile phone without waiting for a file download.



Dimdim – Face-to-face meetings used to be the only way to get things done. Now the best way to save money, time and travel is to collaborate over the Web with Dimdim. Push button simplicity lets everyone host or attend live meetings, demos and webinars using just a web browser instantly increasing your productivity. Give presentations, share web pages, whiteboards, voice, video – even record your events – with no software to install and with no hassles.


Almost Meet – Free

Almost Meet – With all the web conferencing features you expect, and our many innovative ones, remote group meetings can now be truly collaborative. Almost as good as meeting in person, but without the unnecessary travel.

Almost Meet

Anyplace Control

Anyplace Control – Fast, secure and easy to use Remote Control Software that allows you to Control Remote PC from anywhere. Its features include Remote Control PC on LAN or over the Internet, Remote Desktop Control on your local screen in real time, Remote PC File Transfer and other enterprise features, Optional Online Account connection to eliminate complicated Firewall or Router settings, Strong Security and industry-standard Encryption.

Anyplace Control


Assemb’Live – Assemb’Live provides typical event environments where participants are represented, to make chats (voice, video, text) and information sharing (slides, video) easy. It is super easy to use: 1 browser and some mouse clicks to get done what you would get done during a real event.


Bosco’s Screen Share – Free

Bosco’s Screen Share – Is easy, free, cross-platform screen sharing. It include features like Multicast on the web, Simple, useful, and FREE!, Configuration Assistance and Training Available.

Bosco's Screen Share

CommuniClique – Free

CommuniClique – Its a simple and effective application to talk, meet and share. Features includes Easy voice and video conferencing straight from your browser, Alternative to traditional conference bridges that dials out to you, Automatically makes recordings of every call and meeting, Dial cell phones and landlines directly from the web, A green, cost-effective alternative to business travel.



Elluminate – With Elluminate you can go beyond web conferencing with web, audio, video, and social networking solutions for 21st century education and training.


Fuze Meeting

Fuze Meeting – Fuze Meeting is a web conferencing tool that lets you share everything on your screen in high resolution with anyone, anywhere, on any device… on any continent, on any planet, in any of the neighboring galaxies. Fuze Meeting lets you conduct online meetings so you don’t have to deal with the burdens of travel. It’s the easiest and most cost-effective way to hold web conferences with your distributed work group, whether you’re meeting with people around the block or around the globe.

Fuze Meeting

Instant Presenter

Instant Presenter – is a good Webinar Hub, is a complete web conferencing solution. Turn-Key Web Conferencing Service includes High Quality Video, Payment System, On-Demand Recording, Interactive Tools, Webinar Hub, Survey & Testing Tools.

Instant Presenter

Hear Me

With Hear Me Connect with anyone using video, voice & web conferencing.

Hear Me


Gogrok, It is a stable, highly effective, highly secure point-to-point internet collaboration platform with an intuitive interface that provides remote screen sharing, real time collaborative editing, and internet voice and telephone services, making online communication as easy as face to face.



Tixeo will help you in Having high-quality online meetings, Save time and money, Meet from your PC or meeting room, Meet all your needs. Its features include High Quality audio and video over IP, 3D meeting, PowerPoint Slides show, Fast Desktop Sharing, File Sharing, Accessible by Phone.


Toktumi Desktop Sharing

Toktumi Desktop Sharing is perfect for desktop sharing, Increase productivity in online meetings, communicate more effectively on sales calls, and ease web collaborations with toktumi Desktop Share. Toktumi’s powerful yet inexpensive Desktop Share application is the perfect tool for all your screen sharing needs.

Toktumi Desktop Sharing


Using CrossLoop you can access your computers from anywhere, Share your screen with someone.

Above are some of the list of Desktop Sharing and Screen Sharing Applications, I may have missed of the tools which are not known to me, if you find any please do send in through comments provided below. Hope the above list might help some of the designers as well as developers and even clients to share there screens remotely.

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Please don’t forget the best: Gbridge.

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Nice listing! You could even consider RHUB (www.rhubcom.com). I use RHUB’s remote desktop control appliance to access my co-workers computer in office. This is a 4-in-1 appliance that combines web conferencing, remote access, remote support and webinar in a single system. It allows secure remote access through advanced security features. It can connect to up to 1000 PCs remotely and ensures guaranteed remote connection even through strong firewalls and lockdown systems. They even offer free audio conferencing. Using screen sharing, I can make my subordinates understand step by step through their problems. It’s really works well.


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I used Teamviewer, it is free and simple to use.

Hi Vivekanand,
Thanks a lot for including Mikogo in your list of remote desktop solutions. Just so you know, we are working on Version 4 of the Mikogo software which will include further features. I’d be happy to keep you posted about this, if you are interested.

Andrew Donnelly
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Twitter: @Mikogo

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