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As everyone aware Google Chrome is one of the most valuable browsers when compared with other browsers in the market. After its launch, it followed the process of growth by introducing many features in their respective version releases. In the span of one year after the launch it has gained 2.5% in a market share, most of the users are now shifting to Google Chrome than any other latest upcoming browsers. If we discuss on evolution of Chrome we do have more improvements which makes our life easier and securable. Most lovable features were, customizing your browser with themes from artists around the world, New Tab page feature, Omnibox – which is the best feature which I like a lot! Where you can type both web addresses and searches in Chrome, Incognito mode – this mode is to hide your website visits not to view by others or don’t want to record in your browser history, awesome feature is Tabs and Stability – If an individual tab crashes or freezes the others tabs which are opened will not be affected. Not only these, we do have more features like above. Checkout twinkling hidden features of Chrome and here is the official page to know more about

Google Chrome

Coming to latest note from Chrome team, there was a new release of Google Chrome 8.0.552.215 which is more stable with excellent improvements like, it contains a built in PDF viewer. That means when user clicks on any PDF link, the respective PDF document will open directly in the browser which has been secured in Chrome’s sandbox. There are many security fixes in this release. This PDF reader uses Foxit PDF SDK software. As of now, the Chrome PDF viewer is available only in the .

As per Jason Kersey, Google has paid some dollars for individuals for finding bugs during the development cycle and the respective changes were updated and available in the SVN revision log. After installing, if you find any bug don’t forget to raise a which will help you in grabbing some dollars from Google.

If you would like to know more about this new version release of Google Chrome, then please do follow this link – Stable, Beta Channel Updates

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