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There is a great news from , it is an amazing good news for people around the World to grab the free storage providing by . Today! introduced a Cloud Player music locker service all the way for everyone in the World to avail there services more precisely and very easily from anywhere in the World, it has given the choice of Unlimited access from any computer, just upload your files from your computer and access your files from anywhere, that is you can store your favorite music tunes, videos, photos as well as documents on Amazon’s secure servers and access your valuable files from any computer. One good thing is, like it comes with 5GB of free space, were you can use it in the way you need it.

Using Amazon Cloud Drive:

  1. Upload Files to the Server
  2. Download Files which you love to download.
  3. Organize Your Files as needed
  4. Locating Files
  5. Accessing your files, music etc., on your computer as well as from your Android Devices.

In addition to 5GB of free space, if you need more additional storage – then offers paid storage plans like below:

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Videos related to Amazon Cloud Drive from Web

Amazon Cloud Player Epipheo

Amazon Cloud Player Epipheo

Amazon Cloud and Cloud Player for Android

Amazon Cloud and Cloud Player for Android

Loaded: Amazon party in the cloud

Loaded: Amazon party in the cloud

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But at this point I’m wondering if a good future bet isn’t Amazon. I like how they’ve thought of monetizing this, how they’ve integrated it, so far and their history with cross platform. Like you, I’m not jumping on today, but I sure am going to be watching it closely. I continue to be impressed with Amazon…

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