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DeveloperSnippets.com is well known for its simple and effective representation of tips and tricks for creative designers as well as for developers around the web world. Main goal of DeveloperSnippets.com is to help designers and developers with effect solutions for some of the issues we face in our daily coding life.

Here in this website most of the articles were related to design and development in various environments like Technology, Adobe, Ajax, Blogger, Books, CSS, DIGG, Entertainment, ExtJS, Flash, Flash CS3, Fonts, Gadgets, General, GMail, Google, HTML, HTML 5, Internet Explorer, JavaScript, ActionScript, ActionScript 3.0, Microsoft, Mobile, Mozilla, Photoshop, Reference Websites, Skype, Web Features, Web Templates, Widgets, WordPress, Yahoo, YUI… and More.

If you are interested in writing an article in DeveloperSnippets.com, yes! We would love to put the same in front of our readers.

Working With You:

If you have unique idea and want to share the same to our readers, then put your idea in the form of a tutorial and send it across to us. We will have a thorough review of the same; if that helps our readers we will publish and for the same we will pay you for the efforts you put in.

How we compensate our writers:

If your article has been published in our website, then you will get paid for the same. Payment would be differing depending on the article you submit to us.

For Example: For simple tip – the payment would be different, for robust solutions / for effective articles – payment would be more. This can be discussed at the time of publishing.

Guidelines to follow:

  • Unique: The article you are submitting should be unique from others.
  • Must be original: Article must be original and new, should not be copied from other websites – our team will have a thorough review, if they found any article copied from web that article will not be published.
  • Copy Rights: If you are using any images from other websites, make sure you have permission from the respective website and provide a back link to the source website.
  • Should be inspiring: Your article/tutorial which you are submitting should follow respective standards and must have a quality. An Article should have a minimum of 1200 words.
  • Be clear on what you say: Articles which you are submitted, should be very clear – were a common person can understand on what you say.

Category to choose:

DeveloperSnippets.com covers wide range of articles/tutorials/tips/tricks from design to development. Just have a look at the Categories Section provided towards right.  Various categories include Accessibility, Action Scripting, Addons, Adobe, AIR, AJAX, Apple, Apps, Best Companies, Blogger, Browsers, CSS, Databases, Designing, Gadgets, Games, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Mobile, Photoshop, Programming, Widgets, PHP and many more,  Right now we are accepting mobile related articles as well. If do you think you have an idea which you want to share the same with our readers, yes! We’d love to accept and will be published in our website.


We only accept articles which are original and new, should follow standards on the keywords which you are using in the article. If your article is accepted, we’ll pay USD/Rs [Indian Rupees] rate per article/tip/trick which you submit [This can be discussed at the time of publishing your article in DeveloperSnippets.com]

Author Profile:

For all accepted articles we will be appending author’s biography [Brief description about the author] and photo at the bottom of the article – please provide us your brief description or portfolio and a website link which you own.

Submission of articles:

You can submit your articles in many ways:

  • In Plain text format [.txt]
  • Microsoft Word Format [.doc / .docx]
  • HTML File [.htm / .html]
  • Image – If you have any images, make sure your image width should be 678px – height does not matter.

Please zip all your files which are related to the article and send it across to [editor(at)developersnippets(dot)com].

If you feel, if you want to provide a working example for a solution – let us know the same, we can upload the respective files in our server and will share a link in the article as a demo/preview link.

Important Note: The selected article will be notified to you in one or two days from the date of submission.

Please write to us if you have any queries related to the submission of article, our team can help you in this regard [editor(at)developersnippets(dot)com].

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Please let us know your feedback about the article through the comments section below, we want to hear from you about our website. And your comment / advice may help us to serve you better in upcoming articles.

Thank You!
Vivekanand [Founder of DeveloperSnippets]

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