20 Most Amazing Videos Of Glimpse Into Future Technology

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As we are aware, the evolution of Technology has changed our life’s the way we are living from the way we were lived in the past. If we look back in early 80′s most of our work were done manually, the era of technology has started in 90′s, gradually the World has started changing, right now we are using latest technology equipments. Now we can attend our important mails on-the-go that is through our smartphones with latest Apps in it. Thanks to the one who has started / invented new products, if we take a word innovation – we remember Steve Jobs and his valuable efforts who put in inventing iPod, iPhone & iPad, he has given life to millions (and more) of people who were jobless by inventing iPod, iPhone and iPad, now most of the developers were busy in developing different Apps and want to give their customers a better quality of what the users need to be done on their finger-tips, like the one ordering Pizza from Pizza-Hut while you were on-the-go.

We have many things which we can discuss here, for example evolution of hand-held devices – earlier we use mobile phones only for making calls and it does nothing else more effective work than this. Now, most of the business is running through this hand-held devices only, yes! if you want to approve/decline any order of raised request – its in your finger tips, create your app – through your app you can track your orders. Here the best example would be, iPad – this device has broken lots of records in the tablet market with its awesome handy features.

Below are some of the videos which I have selected and want to put in-front of you, these videos depicts on how the World is going to change in coming future [Hope Our Wish May Come True!] – people’s opinion is that its going to change a lot. Below videos are virtual and glimpse into future technology.

A Look Into The Future: A Day Of Glass Where Technology Is Amazing (Touch Screen Everything)

Advance Future Technology, You Must See

Mobile phones concepts

The future of touch technology

Living Tomorrow: house of the future

SAMSUNG Future Life and Style WMV 90segs

The Future of Mobile

FUTURE DESIGN – Hi-Tech Car User Interface GUI / Dashboard Speedometer

Future Phone – Mobile Phone Concept by Mozilla – Don’t Miss the Link Below the Video

Microsoft Office Labs Vision 2019 Montage : Retail

Microsoft’s Future Vision in HD ; Windows Home Concept

Future Applications of Graphene

Nokia future vision

Future Technology 22nm Intel microprocessor

Amazing future technology for data transfer : Using Led lights.

Slyde HD3 Watch – Latest Technology Future technology

Ask The Buffalo: Windows Phone 7 and How Technology Will Shape Our Future

Smart buildings the future of building technology

Technology Transforming Retail

Touchscreen Technology

Let us know what you think about our future technology and how its going to change our life’s. Please use below comments section for the same to know your feedback about this article.

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