How To Reboot Your iPhone?

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Today, I faced one issue with my iPhone, it went to frozen state and non of the keys were working. I could not restart/reset/reboot my iPhone to revert back to the working stage. For this I just searched in Google for the solution, I got to see one good video which explained on how to overcome this issue when iPhone frozen suddenly.

“Rebooting your iPhone 4 is a common task that may need to be carried out when the phone freezes, leaving you stuck and unable to restart normally. When possible, you should restart your phone rather than reboot. Rebooting, sometimes called a “hard reboot” will cut off anything you’ve been doing – it is imminent you will lose any unsaved data or changes. However, in case you become stuck, it is a good idea to learn how to reboot the iPhone 4 before the first time you need to do it.” – Content Courtesy –

Below is the respective video which has helped me in resolving the issue with my iPhone, the has got many tips on iPhone.

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[...] the process or steps involved in developing iPhone Apps.You might be interested in knowing how to reboot your iphone? and some useful tips and tricks of using iPhone which all users should know.Apple/iPhone related [...]


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