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My name is Vivekanand.K and I am a Blogger as well as a good JavaScript developer. I live in Hyderabad, INDIA. DeveloperSnippets is the zone where developers can learn and can develop some innovative web applications.

Brief Description:

In this site you can find neumorous articles which help in our daily development schedule. This website is fully related to technical developers and even this site might help beginners as well. I am striving hard to give up my best to help you in all aspects.

My Experience in IT:

I have got 5years 7months of experience in Web Development and Web Designing environment. My core skills includes HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, Adobe Products – Photoshop, Flash, Flex (Basic Level), JavaScript, Medium level knowledge on JavaScript API’s like jQuery, ExtJS, Yahoo API, Google API, MooTools. I do work on PHP projects, having knowledge on C, C++, Java, JSP, JavaBeans and I do work on developing WordPress Themes, Joomla Themes, Drupal Themes.

Why I am blogging:

From my blog, I would like to help developers all around the Web World in proactively solving some issues which we face in our daily schedule while working on a project.

Email id to Contact:

In this site you can even submit your own developed projects for free in all platforms, for the submission of your projects, please do contact me @ email that is at . If you want to promote your site through Ads, you can contact me at  (), DeveloperSnippets will accept payment through Paypal.

In the long way run, DeveloperSnippets will deliver the best to the developers who really wish to surge ahead in life on their own without any support from others. So folks rock up your life with your own thoughts and ideas.

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