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Apple iPhone Apps For Everything – Part 1

Its been few months from now using my awesome Apple iPhone. It is helping me a lot in all aspects of my life – I love to use my iPhone when I’m at work, when I’m moving from one location to other. My day will not start without this as it has got tons of […]

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The social networking giant Facebook offers $85,000 as a package for IIT Madras students

The social networking giant Facebook offers $85,000 [Rs 38 lakhs] as a package for IIT Madras students, as sources [PTI] said every year in the month of December most of the top companies come and conduct campus interviews, this year also the selection process has started on 1st December. As one of the top official […]

Watch the live excitement of ‘2010 FIFA World Cup‘ through, exclusively for this 2010 FIFA World Cup twitter came up with brand new site that is – , here you can catch the live excitement from various fans around the World, Watch top tweets, Previous Match Tweets, Upcoming matches to come and more to catch the […]

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Latest online tech videos right on your desktop –

Hi readers, I glad to inform you that DeveloperSnippets is coming up with new features right on your desktop. Now! you can view your best and favorite technology videos online right on your screens streaming from various channels online like for example, videos streaming from YouTube, Howcast, Daily Motion, RuTube, Yahoo! Video, Veoh, MySpace and […]

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How to: Share your code snippets on twitter

Now you can share your code snippets on twitter, are you surprised! by hearing this, yeah! if your blog is of Technical Blog and if you want to share code snippets to your external readers through twitter! you can do so through Snipt, Snipt lets you upload your source code in any programming languages like […]

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New Flexible layouts from NetVibes

This is an exciting news from NetVibes yesterday, they have introduced a flexible layout templates in NetVibes, and introduced new features as well. Really this must be an exciting and wonderful news for NetVibes end-users and customers, your page can be customized further and can be converted to a gorgeous personalized magazine. NetVibes has added […]

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Login to facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Hi5 at

Yeah, Today there was a big launch of a new social networking website which opens all the major social networking sites at one place that is through, now you can aggregate and merge all the respective data related to all the respective major Social Networking Websites like Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Hi5 and more through […]